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Thomas DeCarlo

Filmmaker, web developer, and entrepreneur, Thomas DeCarlo is making waves in the independent film world through his animation studio, production management platform, and his leading role in the development of Indie Films Online, a public wiki of independent films and filmmakers.


Indie-style filmmaking meets computer animation.

Thomas started making live-action films in high school and produced his first no-budget feature film before he turned 20. After college, he turned to computer animation and spent the next decade learning the animation process before completing his first major animated short. The writer, director, producer, and animator of the film, Thomas won numerous awards at festivals around the country. DeCarlo Animation is currently adapting the short into an animated feature film.

Through DeCarlo Animation, Thomas is focused on creating sci-fi and fantasy stories that appeal to adults – ditching the coming-of-age tales that dominate animated content and telling more complex stories that can truly engage the entire family. The studio’s unique production model enables small teams of artists to create professional-quality animation at a fraction of the cost of traditional studios.

Upcoming Sci-Fi Horror Short

Award-Winning Sci-Fi Short

The Encounter Feature Film

Upcoming Feature Adaptation


Creating a revolutionary cloud-based production management platform

Thomas is the Founder and CEO of Collabrix, a cloud-based “script to screen” solution for production management, data management, and collaboration in media productions. Collabrix centralizes production data and integrates it throughout the entire production pipeline. This streamlines the creative workflow and provides significant automation in data management, which allows artists to focus on creating. 

Indie Films Online
Web Developer

Co-Founder and Lead Developer of IndieFilmsOnline

As the founding President of the Coalition of Independent Cinematic Artists, Thomas led the development of the nonprofit’s flagship service, (IFO).

IFO is a public wiki that has been designed from the ground up to make independent films more accessible to the public. The platform works to empower the independent film community by leveraging its centralized film data both on and off-platform (e.g. embedding cast/crew data on an external website). IFO also provides unique tools to help independent filmmakers connect with audiences and each other.

Indie Films Online